Redskins’ season ticket holders see a 40 percent price increase

According to Dan Steinberg of The Washington Post, with the Redskins raising ticket prices for next season, some season ticket holders are claiming their prices went up as high as 40 percent.

“My tickets (which have been in my family for almost 50 years) went up over 40% this season!” one plan holder wrote to me. “I have never seen such a price hike – and I am a season ticket holder of the Wizards and Nats, too.”

His seats indeed went up just over 40 percent this season, from $1089 per seat for 10 games (including two in the preseason) to $1529 per seat for the same 10 games. See last year’s invoice below, and this year’s invoice above.

A Redskins spokesman confirmed that 704 season ticket holders were invoiced a 40 percent increase. All the seats involved were mid field lower-level “prime seat locations.”
These were the highest increases of any seats.

Below are a comparison of this ticket holder’s 2012 and 2013 season ticket invoice.

This past season was the most succesful year for the Redskins in over a decade and owner Dan Snyder will look for any excuse to raise his ticket prices dramatically.