Redskins players not happy that Shanahan is looking towards next season

After yesterday’s loss to the Panthers, Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan indicated that he’ll be evaluating his players for next season.  Which pretty much means, he’s mailing in the rest of the season now that his team is 3-6.

Lorenzo Alexander made it clear that he isn’t thrilled about Shanahan’s comments.

“You have a lot of guys that want to win now, people toward the end of their careers who have been here a long time, haven’t been to the playoffs in a long time,” Alexander said. “And ultimately that’s what you play for, to go to a Super Bowl.

“Bein’ 3-6 really [stinks] because right now we’re on the outside looking in. . . . I’m not thinkin’ about next year. That’s an offseason thing for me. But you know it’s hard when you see yourself in that type of position and your head coach is saying those types of things. It’s disappointing.”

Let’s be honest, the Redskins won’t make the playoff this season.  Shanahan and even some of his players know that.  But that doesn’t mean he should come out and admit that their season is over.