Redskins players: Gruden’s offense is similar to Shanahan’s

Some of the Redskins offensive players claim that new head coach Jay Gruden’s offense is similar to the one he ran with Mike and Kyle Shanahan.

“It’s not much of a difference from the offense last year, to tell you the truth,” said wide receiver Pierre Garcon, via The Washington Post. “It’s the same offensive coordinating guys from last year.”

RG3 says they have to a new language.

“I think having two years’ experience running an offense, a pro-level offense, West Coast type, this is very similar,” said Griffin III. “So it’s not been as tough as you might think. But all the concepts translate over. They might be called something different. But the reads are similar. It’s just about the philosophy of the coach. Jay has a little bit different philosophy. We’ll find out what that is on Sundays.”

Griffin says their running game isn’t that much different at all.

“Our running game has stayed pretty true to what it is and our passing game, we’ve had to learn some new things,” Griffin said. “Even if it might be the same concept, like I said, it might be called differently. I think everybody is doing a great job being on top of that, being in the right place.”


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