Redskins owner Dan Snyder attempted to flood Twitter with “Redskins Pride”

With all of the controversy surrounding the name of his beloved team,  Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder made  a plea for his fans to show their “Redskins pride” in an email that he sent out prior to Sunday night’s match up with the Cowboys.

“Thanks to the enthusiastic response from your fellow Redskins fans, this #RedskinsPride letter from Dan Snyder is being sent to you,” the email read via The Sporting News.

The Redskins also posted a tweet at the start of last night’s game.

I appreciate Snyder’s actions in an attempt to quiet the noise, but it won’t work.  This story will only continue to grow.



  1. Dale Young says

    If Daniel Snyder or allen are smartthey should hire Doug Williams to couch the Redskins he knows good players and coaches to bring here with him, why Doug b cause he Loves the Redskins.The need to stop over looking the real people who would b good for the team, You can’t go wrong with someone who loves this city and this team, and Doug is a leader and a winner, that’s who i would give the job to he is perfect for the team and the city. He would take the job and i can not see Doug failing at this. I hope someone would show this to Snyder. My Name is Dale Young i am a custodian for the DC public Schools.

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