Redskins GM Bruce Allen: I want a “Burgundy Hole”

Former Redskins tight end Chris Cooley explained in a radio appearance that he’s been going on the road with his former team since he’s working with ESPN 980 and  doing some pre game radio work and been doing pep rallies with owner Dan Snyder and general manager Bruce Allen.

Cooley went on and explained that Allen wants to have a “Burgundy Hole” which would be like Oakland’s “Black Hole.”

“It was so much fun. We’ve done it a couple weeks in a row. We did it in Green Bay… In Green Bay, Bruce says, Hey, I’m Bruce Allen, it’s great to be here, here’s Chris Cooley. Throws me under the bus. But Oakland was much better, because Bruce [worked] in Oakland, he had a big thing to do in Oakland. So he said, I want to talk to these people.

“He gets up. I talk normal — I can’t do this pumped-up talk — but Bruce is a politician at this. Gets both his hands up in the air: WE LOVE THE REDSKINS!!!! I INVENTED THE BLACK HOLE IN OAKLAND – this is what he says – AND NOW I WANT TO GET THE BURGUNDY HOLE IN WASHINGTON D.C.

Allen really needs to come up with something more original than copying off of the Raiders.
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