Redskins fullback says the Seahawks laid some cheap shots

Washington Redskins full back Darrel Young says the Seahawks laid several cheap shots during last week’s playoff game.

Young claims Seahawks defensive tackle Red Bryant tried to step on running back Alfred Morris.

“There was a cheap shot — Red Bryant tried to step on him after a play and hit him in the head,” Redskins fullback Darrel Young said Monday. “Alfred Morris is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet.

“We’ll see them again. When Alfred comes to the sideline cursing, you’ve got a problem because this is a kid who doesn’t curse.”

Young even said Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was taunting head coach Mike Shanahan.

Sherman “was taunting Mike Shanahan on the sideline, telling Mike, ‘You can’t throw over here.’ “I wanted to go over and punch him (Sherman) myself,” fullback Darrel Young said.

“Yeah, that (post-game smash) was uncharacteristic of Trent. But you get enough of something, you want to put a stop to it. I hope we got Seattle on our schedule next year.”

Even Redskins linebacker Rob Jackson noticed there was more action then normal.

Said linebacker Rob Jackson: “I definitely felt there was a lot of extra-curricular activity out there. I do know after the first play from scrimmage, Trent and Sherman got after it. I don’t know if that carried over. It’s hard to get Trent rattled.”


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