Redskins’ Fred Davis posing as his own lawyer in a crazy court case

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For the past year and a half Redskins tight end Fred Davis has been involved in a really crazy court case in which he’s been representing himself, opposed to hiring a lawyer.

Makini R. Chaka filed a civil suit against Davis back in January of 2011, for allegedly dumping juice on her and busting her lip at a Washington, D.C. night club.

“I am 5’4 inches tall and 110 pounds and am afraid that I will be attacked again by this man whom is 6’4 and 260 pounds,” Chaka said in court documents, per the Washingtonian.

Davis denies Chaka’s claims. During his closing argument he told the judge, “It’s just all made up and flagellant.”

Davis claims that Chaka is using this situation to try to extort money from him.

“The civil suit is completely without merit as evidenced by the court documents, police report and witness statements filed in this matter regarding the incident in question, Ms. Chaka’s background, and her continued campaign against me for financial gain,” Davis said in a statement issued through Kuei. “I am confident that the truth will prevail.”

Chaka claims that she’s just a “celebrity broker” who arranges parties for sports and entertainment stars.

“My job is to call and set up events for my clients and we are paid every time that we come,” Chaka testified. “I do a lot of parties with famous people, whether it’s singers, whether it’s rappers, whether it’s athletes.”

Davis’ bodyguard, Stewart Prince has claimed that Chaka is “a ‘madam/pimpette’ who provides escorts to high-profile athletes and entertainers.”

“It is well-known in the sports and entertainment industry, particularly in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, that [Chaka] recruits women to work for her and provide sexual favors to athletes or other entertainer[s] in exchange for money,” Prince said in court documents. He said he knew “at least two women who [Chaka] attempted to recruit to work for her in this capacity.”

Chaka has indicated that she’s been a friend of Prince’s for past six or seven years.  She’s hired him to protect clients of her’s.

Prince has stated that Chaka “often carries her ‘pimp-cup’ with her, is acquainted with other well-known pimps including Bishop Don Juan (the ‘Bishop’) and frequently attends the Bishop’s Players’ Ball with her female escorts.”

Chaka has denied any involvement in prostitution.

The case is now scheduled to go to trial in March of 2013.

Here is a transcript from the case.