Redskins fan created the music to the anti-Redskins ad that will air during the NBA Finals

We mentioned earlier today that a Native American tribe from California will be airing an anti-Redskins ad during game three of the NBA Finals.

Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog pointed out something very interesting about the music that is used in the ad.  The music to the ad was written by a couple from the Washington D.C. area that happen to be Redskins fans.

Tim and Brittany Cretella have been waiting a long time for a big break and now they’re music finally got it, but it’s going against something that so many of their friends support.

But the big break, it turned out, would also involve the Redskins. His agency called two weeks ago to tell Cretella that a shortened version of the Super Bowl ad would be airing on ABC in eight major markets during the NBA Finals. When he told his wife, she had tears in her eyes.

“You’re waiting, you keep waiting — we waited for a whole year, and nothing,” he said. “It’s almost not real when you know [your music] is airing on the other side of the world. This time it will be in the moment, on my TV screen, knowing that millions of people around the country are seeing this, and it came out of my [bleeping] head. It’s wild.”

And yet the fallout will be odd. Cretella quickly received about 20 congratulatory messages from friends after news of the national spot was finally released this week; “these are all D.C. fans — they probably don’t want the name to change, but they’re happy for me,” he said. Brittany grew up in Woodbridge, another Redskins stronghold. He’s a regular listener of 106.7 The Fan, whose callers are predominantly against a name change. And his music is now the soundtrack for that cause.

Cretella actually believes the Redskins should change their name.

“Personally, I think if there’s anyone we’ve mistreated in this country, it’s the Indians,” he said. “And if there are any of them who are sincerely offended by the name, I think we should definitely consider changing it. I’ve kind of always been one for the underdog anyway.”

“This is the least we could do knowing the brutal events that occurred during the nation’s formation,” he later wrote in an e-mail.

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