Redskins concerned about Roy Helu’s durability

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With training camp opening up, the Washington Redskins are looking for veteran Tim Hightower to be the starter coming out of the back field even though he’s coming off ACL surgery.

According to Mike Jones of the Washington Post, the Redskins are concerned about Roy Helu’s durability.  Head coach Mike Shanahan needs him to prove that he can be given a heavier load without getting injured, before he’s ready to name Helu the starter.

“Redskins coaches still have some questions about Helu,” wrote Jones.  “For one, although he offers that threat to break a big run, he struggles to consistently pick up chunks of yardage. The Redskins would like to see him do more than just take what’s there and be able to make something out of nothing. There also are questions about Helu’s durability. Injuries hampered him late in the season and kept him out of most of this offseason’s OTAs. Shanahan said the questions about Helu’s durability will remain until he can prove otherwise.”

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