Redskins “buzzing” over Brian Orakpo’s play in camp

brian orakpo 4

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the Redskins are excited about the way linebacker Brian Orakpo has looked so far in training camp.

The Redskins aren’t in any rush to do a new deal with pass rusher Brian Orakpo, from everything I have heard, and given his injury issues in the past they want to see how this season plays out. And there’s always the franchise tag as well.

But the organization has been buzzing about the camp he is having and the kind of season he could be primed to have. In the past, Orakpo rarely had his way with top left tackle Trent Williams in one-on-one drills. Orakpo putting up 12 sacks or more wouldn’t shock me, in which case his price will only go up. But I understand the Redskins thinking here, and while he is a core guy, you want it at the right price and you want to see him stay consistent and healthy.

In the past the Redskins tended to overpay in free agency and in valuing their own emerging your talent, and being pragmatic in this case is a good thing. If Orakpo balls out, Dan Snyder will pay him, gladly. That’s never been an issue there.

The Redskins are doing things the right way.  There’s no reason to pay Orakpo right now.  While he’s a great player, he needs to prove he can stay on the field in 2013.


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