Rebranding would cost the Redskins $15 million

According to Michael McCarthy of Advertising Age,  it would cost the Washington Redskins $15 million to change their name and rebrand themselves.

While $15 million is a lot of money.  Redskins owner Dan Snyder would likely  make that money back and then some if he did change the logo and name of his franchise.

One of the biggest things likely holding Snyder back is the fact that he grew up a Redskins fan and doesn’t want to accused of wiping away their history by making such a major change.

Like I said last week,  Snyder will have no choice at some point but to change his team’s name and logo.




  1. says

    Man o man, like I said earlier: TELL those whiny crybabies to go pound sand–if they don’t like “Redskins” go protest the K.C. Chiefs, etc. (I didn’t GOOGLE sports names and find all the ones that would be potentially ‘offensive’ to some goof-off P.C. clown)
    Daniel Snyder take your $15 million and give it to charity.
    DO NOT BACK down because of some extremists.

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