Ray Rice doesn’t mind sharing carries

BaltimoreRavens.com metioned htat Bernard Pierce will likely take some carries away from Ray Rice this coming season.

Rice told “NFL AM” that it won’t bother him if he ends up sharing carries with Pierce.

“Sharing touches aren’t something that bother me, because I know when it comes down to crucial situations, I’ll be in the game,” Rice said, via NFL.com. “There’s not one running back that takes it all. There’s a few — Adrian Peterson and a few other guys — but Bernard’s a great backup, and he’s a great runner.”

Rice also realizes that Pierce has “a different skillset.  He also said, “We’re totally different backs. … Going into our game plan, it’s hard to prepare for, you know, two guys that can come at you, rather than one.”

Rice needs to realize that he’s not getting any younger and sharing carries can only help him prolong his career.

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