Ray McDonald plans on playing with a partially torn bicep

49ers defensive end Ray McDonald says he plans on playing even though he suffered a partially torn bicep during last Sunday’s win over the Texans, per Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee.

The “bee sting” that Ray McDonald felt in his right arm three days ago turned out to be a partially torn bicep tendon, the 49ers defensive end said Tuesday. McDonald said the injury shouldn’t keep him out of any games, and he plans to start in his usual spot Sunday against the Cardinals. He said he’ll have surgery to repair it after the season.

“It’s going to be sore,” McDonald said. “But it should be fine.”

McDonald’s teammate Justin Smith played last season with a torn triceps muscle.  It was obvious that it affected his production on the field.
There’s a chance that as the season goes on,  McDonald’s strength will decrease the way Smith’s did.

McDonald said that he hasn’t lost any strength in the arm at this point, but Dr. Dan Solomon, an orthopedic surgeon with Marin Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Novato, said that’s a possibility as the season wears on. Solomon also said it’s easier to repair the injury immediately than it is several months later. He said the muscle tends to atrophy a bit and the tendon can roll up on itself.

“It doesn’t get an easier,” he said of delaying surgery. “But I’ve fished them out three months down the line.”