Ray Lewis willing to help Ahmad Brooks pay his fine for his hit on Drew Brees


Former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis claimed that he’ll help pay Ahmad Brooks fine for his hit on Saints quarterback Drew Brees during yesterday’s game.

That’s of course if Brooks gets fined.  We’ll find out this week if that’s the case.



  1. karl williams says

    I agree…the hit wasn’t intentionally. It was a hard pass rush. Some of these rules are for flag football not full contact. Sacking qbs isn’t fun anymore. Penalties on sacking qbs has change the game. Should football teams do how do to sack a qb drills at practice with a dummie. Picture that…lol

  2. says

    Yeah you could see that Brooks only aimed for Brees shoulder with his hand. But Brees being that he is shorter than most linemen got clipped on the neck. That referee call changed the whole course of the game. The game probably would have gone into overtime! The refs must be paid off by the Saints management team!!!!

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