Ravens, Ray Rice will likely get a deal done at some point

Getty Images

As Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice continues to hold out and wait for a long-term contract, Jason La Canfora of CBSSports.com believes that both sides will be able to work something out.

“Things can be tricky with running backs, but the Ravens are in a different situation here,” wrote La Canfora.  “Things never got close to acrimonious, unlike the (Matt) Forte situation, and the history of this organization would indicate a strong willingness to tie up their best young talent long-term. Rice is a weapon in the pass game, like Forte, and Baltimore also knows it may need that franchise tag for quarterback Joe Flacco next year, which puts a premium on getting Rice done now.”

“The cap-strapped club may even be able to create a little cap wiggle room by redoing Rice, which would help. A year ago they got Haloti Ngata off the tag and made him one of the richest defensive linemen in league history. Rice, yet to sign his tag, isn’t going to get into that Chris Johnson stratosphere, but in the end I figure he gets as close to $9 million a year as possible and the sides work something out.”

I agree with La Canfora, the Ravens aren’t dumb, they know how valuable Rice is to their team, and in the end they’ll make sure he gets taken care of.