Ravens’ GM says Joe Flacco will be back next season

Baltimore Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome told CBS Sports that Joe Flacco will be a part of their organization next season.

“He’ll be playing football for us next year,” said Newsome.

“We’ll be able to get that thing done,” he said. “But one thing we do know, he’ll be playing football for us next year. And sometimes that’s all you can look forward to is just next year.”

“Well, Joe and I have a good understanding of where his contract is,” Newsome said. “People fail to realize that he was a dropped pass away from getting to the Super Bowl last year. So, what he did was just back up to what he did a year ago. He’s doing a great job. He has great chemistry with Jim Caldwell. Hopefully, as long as I’m the general manager in Baltimore, he’s the quarterback in Baltimore.”

The belief is that the Ravens will have to place the franchise tag on Flacco.

“Yeah they’re going to have to franchise him at $14.6 million and then that buys them until July to get him on a long-term deal done,” La Canfora said Tuesday. “Some guys get caught up on guaranteed money … This cat — he’s never been hurt, he’s never missed a snap — he’s looking at his average per year. And the closer that is to $20 million a year, the happier he’ll be and the more quickly this long-term deal will get done. Maybe it comes in under that … but 20 is his magic number.”