Ravens’ Bernard Pierce reportedly carjacked at gun point

According to CBS Philly, Baltimore Ravens running back Bernard Pierce was robbed at gun point while visiting his mother in Philadelphia.  His BMW was taken by the gunman.

Those sources confirm that Bernard Pierce was robbed at gunpoint Sunday evening along the 7500 block of Haverford Avenue. His BMW was also stolen.


The car was later recovered and processed at the police garage for possible clues.

Pierce’s mother, Tammy Pierce, spoke to Eyewitness News about the incident involving her son.


“First of all, I thank God that he’s fine. I don’t care whatever he lost — his car, whatever was in there. He’s fine,” Pierce said. “I think he was targeted because people knew who he was, and that’s sad.”


The good news is that Pierce is fine.


Pierce and a male companion, sources say, were shaken but were not injured during the robbery. Sources say a gunman jumped from a car while his accomplice remained behind the wheel and robbed Pierce and his companion, then stole the vehicle.


The car was recovered in another part of the city and taken to the police garage, where it was carefully processed for any possible evidence that might lead to a suspect.

Pierce, who is from Ardmore, was visiting his family. His mother said he had only been in town a week, and that he’d purchased the BMW two weeks ago. She also said that he’s now nervous and concerned for his safety.


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