Randy Moss: “I don’t go by numbers. I’m the greatest”

After Randy Moss’ claim yesterday’s that he’s the greatest wide receiver ever, former 49ers receiver Jerry Rice was shocked and explained that he’s the best ever because of his Super Bowl rings and his stats.

Moss told ESPN’s Rick Reilly today that he doesn’t care about stats, he’s the greatest.

“I don’t go by numbers. I’m the greatest. Next question,” said Moss.

Moss also brought up the fact that Rice played with Hall of Fame quarterbacks.  I’ll also add that he was a part of a dynasty in San Francisco.

“Jerry Rice had two hall of fame QBs his whole career. Give me that and see where my numbers are,” said Moss.

Moss also seems bitter about never getting a congratulatory call from Rice when he broke the single-season receiving touchdown record.


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