Randall Cobb to lead the NFL in receptions?

The Green Bay Packers official website believe Randall Cobb could lead the NFL in receptions this coming season.

I thinkRandall Cobb could lead the league in receptions this season. Why do I think he could do that? Because he plays in an offense that is going to use him in multiple ways. He was headed for a big year last season when he got hurt.

I would love to agree with Packers.com, but Aaron Rodgers spreads the ball around too much for one guy to get the bulk of the receptions.


  • Al Dante

    Lets see if he can get through pre season without getting his bell wrung. I just don’t see the productivity here. He reminds me of Harvin: smallish, always hurt but spectacular when he isn’t.
    Bottom line you can’t focus on him carrying you. Every game he gets by without an injury is a plus.