Randall Cobb to lead the NFL in receptions?

The Green Bay Packers official website believe Randall Cobb could lead the NFL in receptions this coming season.

I thinkRandall Cobb could lead the league in receptions this season. Why do I think he could do that? Because he plays in an offense that is going to use him in multiple ways. He was headed for a big year last season when he got hurt.

I would love to agree with Packers.com, but Aaron Rodgers spreads the ball around too much for one guy to get the bulk of the receptions.



  1. Al Dante says

    Lets see if he can get through pre season without getting his bell wrung. I just don’t see the productivity here. He reminds me of Harvin: smallish, always hurt but spectacular when he isn’t.
    Bottom line you can’t focus on him carrying you. Every game he gets by without an injury is a plus.

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