Rams moving on from Sam Bradford?

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports,  some people believe the St. Louis Rams could end up getting rid of quarterback Sam Bradford this coming offseason since they’ll likely have two top-ten draft picks thanks to the RG3 trade.

Several NFL execs, when assessing that situation, believe it could lead to Bradford’s departure, while team sources have indicated the organization remains very comfortable with Bradford and while “all options would be on the table” if St. Louis has the top pick, the likelihood of drafting a quarterback is more remote than most other scenarios. The dream scenario for the Rams would be other teams coveting that pick — as the Skins did with St. Louis’ second-overall selection in 2012 — and then offering a bounty to trade down and pick up a bunch of selections, able to fill multiple holes.

There is a chance the Rams will decide to not draft a quarterback and instead keep Bradford since they have so many other needs.

The Rams will do their due diligence on the college quarterbacks, of course, but drafting a quarterback when considering their other needs is not very likely, sources said. There could well be a tackle who makes sense if they keep the pick, but the team will explore options for trading it as well, and that approach has been favored by them with good results to this point.

The Rams could always trade down like they did in 2012 with the Redskins.

If St. Louis wants to move on from Bradford, now is the time.

However, it is also not lost on the organization that the Rams no longer owe Bradford any guaranteed money, having paid him $50 million already, and they owe him $14M for 2014 and $13M for 2015. And a quarterback taken with the first overall pick in 2014 would earn roughly that same $27M over the first five years of his deal. Still, dealing or cutting Bradford is very unlikely.





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    Paul Jackiewicz – I’m sorry but your headline doesn’t jive with your article. Over and over La Canfora keeps saying : “Bradford could be traded, but probably won’t be.”

    So what do you mean ‘Rams moving on?’

    Once again the experts agree Bradford is the best solution for the Rams. Why can’t some people get it?

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