Rams GM: Trade talks for the 2nd overall pick have been “flirtatious”

St. Louis Rams general manager Les Snead told TheMMQB.com,  that teams have spoken to them about trading up for the second overall pick, but the talks have only been “flirtatious.”

“We have had some conversations with multiple teams,” Snead said on Sunday night, per TheMMQB.com “They’re more flirtatious calls than anything. We have numbers 2 and 13, but Houston has number one. Nobody can really seriously chat with us until they are happy with at least two players. I think what might happen as we get closer to the draft, maybe it comes to fruition what Houston is going to do, maybe it doesn’t, you have more serious talks probably the week of the draft going, ‘Hey, if our player is there at 2, this is what we’re going to offer.’ I think it will get more serious.”

If a team is going to trade up for the second pick,  it likely won’t happen until right before or during the draft.