Raiders’ owner Mark Davis admires what the 49ers have done

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis can’t help but admire how well the San Francisco 49ers’ has been put together over the past few years.

“You have to have a very solid team and then you can plug one or two guys in,” Davis said in an exclusive interview with Bay Area News Group. “I hate to use the example of the team across the bay, but they’re in a position now where they have such a good core that they’re able to just pick up a guy here or a guy there.

“They’re able to bring in a Nnamdi Asomugha or somebody that could possibly help them. If he doesn’t (work out), it doesn’t really destroy their chemistry badly because they’re not counting on Nnamdi to do anything (great), but to augment them.”

Davis makes some greats points and unfortunately for the Raiders, they’re far from being where the 49ers are. They still need to clean up the mess that Al Davis left behind.