Raiders lose to Bears 34 to 26

The Raiders first unit tonight was nauseating. They will really be considered favorites for the first overall pick. It is preseason so I don’t want to start saying the sky is falling but it did not look good. Here are some notes.


QBs: Let’s start where everyone is thinking, Terrelle Pryor should be the Raiders starting QB, no question in my mind. He had bad passes but no more than Flynn had, plus he can move. He’s the guy in my eyes no if ands or buts about it. We will see if Dennis Allen concedes. Matt McGloin played all the way to the end and threw two interceptions. Wilson got no snaps. It’s hard to see him making the team like that.

RBs: McFadden didn’t play tonight. Rashad Jennings filled his spot with the starters. He hot 12 carries for 35 yards but showed some tough running. Very serviceable backup.

WRs: Raiders go too guy Rod Streater left the game with a scary head injury. Keep an eye on that. Jacoby Ford returned with some good burst. Josh Cribbs looks like father time has caught up with him. He had two early fumbles and I put his chances of making the roster at this point as very unlikely. He may not even make it past the cut to 75

OL: In a word, dreadful. There was not much push and they were constantly conceding pressure.

DL: Still can’t generate a pass rush even with starters returning.

LB: I was impressed with rookie Sio Moore and MLB Nick Roach. It’s refreshing to see a versatile OLB that can cover and MLB that can tackle. Burnett left a lot to be desired.

DBs: DJ Hayden played his first NFL game tonight. He looked like someone who has been out of football for a few months but clearly has talent. Phenomenal feet. Hayden and Jenkins both struggled with the big receivers (Jeffery and Marshall)

Punters: King and Kluwe both looked good. I wouldn’t call either a winner or a loser tonight.

Kickers: Seabass had a miss but he’s still the best in the game. He hit a 58 yarder that would have easily broken the NFL record.


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