Raiders “I Got Pryors” t-shirt (Photo)

raiders i got pryors


Raiders fans and Terrelle Pryor fans can get their very own “I Got Pryors” shirt.  With the bad boy reputation of Raider fans this is a perfect statement.

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  • corporate1raider

    This kind of t-shirt is exactly what the Raiders and their tattered image do not need. This plays into the perception of Oakland, the team, and its fans as being thugs and hoodlums. “I got Pryors.” is not only detrimental it is also poor English. It should say “I have my Pryor-ities Straight.”

    • corporate1raider

      “I Got Pryors” Right. Celebrate your criminal activity, your arrests, your incarcerations, your trips downtown handcuffed in the backseat of a cruiser, your mug shots, your time away from your kids, your poor decisions, and your idiot behavior, and your inability to get a good job because “you got priors.”

  • Paul…raidernation..

    Its a shirt and don’t tell me that their is not one NFL team out there that doesn’t have any a incidents at their guys are just hating on them again.its trying to get everybody behind a quarterback that’s actually helping the team I love for once..!… Leave us be and ….did you find that business you where looking for?…… Then mind it!!!!!!!!

  • tom s

    This T-shirt ROCKS! it’s all in good Raider fun. Does anyone know where to purchased this t-shirt? I’ve looked all over the web.