Raiders defensive coordinator expects D.J. Hayden to break out in 2014

Oakland Raiders defensive coordinator Jason Tarver expects second-year cornerback D.J. Hayden to break out in 2014.

“D.J. saw just about everything, both in life and in football, happen to him in his rookie season,” Tarver told 95.7 FM Wednesday. “From his surgeries to his injuries to what he’s overcome personall, physically, everything. He’s a great young man, working hard right now. 
“He’s honing his technique, he looks explosive and he’s put on weight and strength. And he’s really focusing in on learning the little things in the defense so that he can play faster and be more aggressive on certain types of routes. 

“He’s definitely on the upswing.”

Hayden better break out after the Raiders took him in the first round of last year’s draft.



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