Raiders cheerleaders get a pay raise

It looks like the Oakland Raiders cheerleaders will get a pay raise after suing the Raiders last year, claiming that they weren’t being paid enough.

The Raiderettes will start making $9 an hour this coming season, according to the LA Times.

In past seasons, Raiderettes earned $125 per game for 10 games, and virtually nothing for the hundreds of hours they put in for mandatory practices, rehearsals and public appearances. (Although cheerleaders can earn extra money at sponsored appearances, the money does not come from the team and such assignments are often doled out as favors to preferred members of the squad.)

The Raiderettes will be compensated for all of work that they put in,  which will equate to about 350 hours.  So at the end of the day,  they’ll likely make $3,000 for the season.



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