Quick NFL offseason predictions

Below is a list of some NFL offseason predictions.

  • Norv Turner and Alex Smith will reunite in New York. The Jets would be very wise to bring in Norv Turner as their Offensive Coordinator. If they do so, it would clear the way for Alex Smith to join the Jets to replace Sanchez. Smith comes at an affordable rate and fits perfectly with the ‘ground and pound’ mantra of the Jets. It would be similar to his last two years in San Francisco; solid defense, run first mentality. Smith could get more money to lead the Cardinals…but he doesn’t want anything to do with that offensive line.
  • Todd Haley will coach the Arizona Cardinals. This is great for big ben but not great for the Cards. Haley struggles as a coach even when he has skilled quarterbacks. He will step into an Arizona team with a terrible offensive line and mediocre quarterbacks. It will not last long as they will completely stop throwing down the field, angering Larry Fitzgerald.
  • Unless Chargers owner Dean Spanos opens the wallet to bring Gruden out of retirement, they may end up with Mike McCoy. San Diego and anyone associated with the AFC West has too much hatred to bring in Josh McDaniels. If Bruce Arians is going to take a head coaching job it will definitely be with the Bears. With Saban supposedly staying put it will likely be McCoy with an outside shot of Lovie Smith.
  • A lot of ‘good’ skill players will be available in free agency and on the trading block. I think that Matt Flynn, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Michael Vick and Alex Smith will end up being cut (so will Mark Sanchez but I’m not going to put him in the category of ‘good’). Jermichael Finley will likely be cut and Delanie Walker will be a free agent. Steven Jackson isn’t likely to return the Rams, no one knows about Reggie Bush, Peyton Hillis will be a free agent and the Raiders are reportedly putting McFadden on the trade block. Danny Woodhead, Shonn Green and both Dwyer and Redman may be available as well. I don’t think the Packers will bring back Jennings or Driver and I’m skeptical the Patriots will bring back Welker. Lot of talent out there.