Quentin Jammer wants to re-sign with the Chargers

Free agent cornerback Quentin Jammer doesn’t plan on retiring any time soon as he continues to look for a new team.

“I know there was speculation about me retiring. I’m, like, who said that?” Jammer said, per the San Diego Union-Tribune. “I would never retire. I definitely don’t want to go into retirement and then regret retiring and try to play later. I want to play while I still feel great.”

Jammer says he’d love to re-sign with the Chargers.

“I’d love to come back (to the Chargers),” Jammer said. “I’ve had conversations with them. I totally understood the direction they were going in. They said the door wasn’t completely closed. Hopefully, maybe down the road a little bit, the Chargers will offer me something.”

Jammer doesn’t expect to come back to San Diego.

“My expectation is to be elsewhere.” He confirmed an earlier report that he met with the Redskins in late April. “That was the most exciting visit I had,” he said. “I really like the organization.”

With the NFL being such a pass heavy league, I’m sure a team could use a player like Jammer.  Unless they feel like he doesn’t have much to offer.

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