Police search warrant says Aaron Hernandez’s SUV circled the block prior to Boston double-murder

aaron hernandezAccording to the Harford Courant,  a search warrant  has finally been released and explains why Boston police believe Aaron Hernandez was involved in a 2012 double-murder.

The details are as follows from The Courant:

The document, filed as part of the probe and released Tuesday in Superior Court in Bristol, indicates police suspect Hernandez was in an SUV that circled a block waiting for the victims to enter their own vehicle before the 2 a.m. drive-by shooting. The silver SUV then pulled up next to the victims’ car at a stoplight, and someone inside fired five or six shots in rapid progression, killing two and injuring one of the five men in the other car. The warrant does not indicate whether there is evidence that Hernandez was the man who pulled the trigger.

There’s also some belief that Odin Lloyd told someone that Hernandez was involved in the double0murder.  Lloyd was then murdered two days later.

When a Boston detective learned of Hernandez’s suspected involvement in Lloyd’s death, he recalled noticing Hernandez at Cure Lounge when viewing surveillance footage the previous summer. Boston authorities then were informed of an anonymous call that North Attleborough police received from an employee of Rumor nightclub, the Boston establishment that Hernandez and Lloyd visited two days before Lloyd’s death and the location at which prosecutors say the two men had a disagreement that eventually led to Lloyd’s shooting.

Sharif Hashem, a security supervisor at Rumor, phoned North Attleborough police on June 22 and claimed to have information that the Loyd shooting and the Boston double homicide were related, according to the warrant released Tuesday. He told authorities a patron of Rumor nightclub “accidentally spilled the beans in front of me.”



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