Police officer suspended for dunking head into a bucket of urine at Browns game

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According to Mark Reinhart of The News-Herald, off-duty police officer Phil Croucher has been suspended for two days for dunking his head into a bucket of urine at a Browns game last month.  Nine other off-duty officers have been given reprimands.

“You were identified as a Mentor Police Officer and that information was broadcast on many of the television, internet and news print media casting a negative light on the professionalism of not only yourself as a M.P.D. officer, but the entire organization,” Llewellyn wrote.

When police were initially made aware of the incident, Croucher was placed on paid administrative leave until a doctor confirmed he was healthy and posed no medical risk to the public. The department then conducted an internal investigation, which determined nine other Mentor officers paid Croucher $50 each to perform the stunt.

“The fact money was collected for this “dare,” should not detract from (Croucher) assuming final responsibility for this poor decision,” wrote Lt. Tom Powers, who conducted interviews with the officers involved.

People don’t realize how their actions can end up hurting them in the long run.  Especially with a website like YouTube, you have to assume videos that are taken won’t remain private.



  1. Forum Cruiser says

    This guy is pretty cool. Don’t worry dude we appreciated the laugh and NO ONE holds it against you even if they say stupid things about you.

  2. vnoifvet says

    Oh wow!!!! A real macho man!!!!! Wow, I’m impressed. And these are the individuals who are supposed to stop and protect us from bullies? The same ones who are supposed to arrest those who gamble? These are the ones who are supposed to set an example on their families and be looked up to?

  3. Anonymous says

    if he will dunk in his head in a bucket of piss for 450 ask him for me how much would it cost for him to dunk his head in a bucket of sh..???

  4. Anonymous says

    You appreciated the laught ? No one holds it against you ? You think that that was pretty cool ” It says a lot about someone that they’d do this no matter what kind of work they do but with what you’ve posted, we know one thing for sure: the cop’s an idiot but he’s probably smarter than you !

  5. says

    Yes, that does make it even better for us!! But I still don’t think it’s a big deal. Everybody does something silly once in a while.

  6. Anonymous says

    He wasn’t hurting anybody and made $450 bucks for one dunk. People watched fear factor where they did worse things than this and didn’t judge those contestants. The only guy who should be punished with a swift kick to the genitals is the one who let the video leak. He broke man code. I like my cops to not fear a bucket of pee.

  7. Anonymous says

    That was funny i dont realy like cops but this guy is ku . There aint nothing wrong with this its nasty but very funny i have more resect for da police now.

  8. Anonymous says

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though…your seeing what’s really in the water in the Cleveland area in the video anyway.

  9. Anonymous says

    Just imagine… he is probably getting paid to cover up things while he is duty. That was only 450 for a head in piss, while people were watching.

  10. Jim Roberts says

    That is usual behavior for Cleveland Fans. Their sports teams suck so bad, the is the only excitement they have on Sunday’s. Reaaaaal Class Cleveland losers

  11. says

    Urine smells terrible but it is STERILE MORONS!!! You can’t get an STD or disease from urine.

    Most cops are absolute dick heads. This guy had some major cujones to do this and I’d buy him a beer anytime if I met him in person. We need more cops like him.

    Llewellyn is a complete asshole and is a weird looking dude too. I used to hate watching the Peoples Court because you had to see that scrotum sack of a face.

    If the guy is off duty then he should get an attorney. Nutfaced Llewellyn is overstepping his authority by suspending this guy for having fun on his own time.

  12. Anonymous says

    not the field. A municipal parking lot is used for tailgating. There may be port-a-johns in the vicinity, but partyers have been known to spray the wheels of passing trains. Quick and easy access—thus the bucket. Don’t know what these idiots would do for a good #2 venture.

  13. Anonymous says

    Anybody that would dunk his head in piss and put it on video is an idiot, cop or not. Putting on video on the internet is the stupid part.

  14. Anonymous says

    Is he going to claim the $450 on his tax return as “other income – piss dunking?” Chances are someone who works for the IRS saw the video. If I were him, would not take the chance of further damaging my career.

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