Police found an AR-10 Hog Gun in Aldon Smith’s home

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According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network,  one of the felony gun charges against 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith states that police found a, ArmaLite AR-10 in his home.  

As you can see from the photo above,  this is not your typical gun.

I would love to know why Smith needed such an advanced weapon in his home.

Update:  Below are the guns that Smith owned illegally, per TMZ.


  • https://www.facebook.com/daniel.stillmunks Daniel Stillmunks

    DUMB question? WHY did he NEED IT? He did not NEED it–wealthy individuals sometimes collect odd items: My best friend-buddy-pal has a Weatherby .460 also known as an ‘elephant gun’. He doesn’t shoot it. He doesn’t keep it outside his gun safe. It is just like his Tec 9mm which Calif. has mis-labelled an ‘assault’ weapon.
    BIG guns represent BIG power and with that big power comes big responsibility: = TO keep them locked up in a gun safe. The don’t depreciate but appreciate in value.
    We have had the pleasure of several family members in the Police/Law enforcement — Gordy (Captain, ___P.D.) Jerry____(Lieutenant___Sheriffs Dept.), Ike___ (Federal Agent working security for USPS) and Derek___ (CHP) Many of these law abiding, police men have an ‘illegal’ gun that they can take with them to Nebraska (home state) and safely shoooot the crap out of trees & s# it.
    BIG DEAL: he had a big gun.
    They didn’t say if he had any ammo
    or if any rounds had actually been shot thru the gun.

    And I KNOW, the liberals are going to say, “Whatta ya wanna carry a bazooka in church?” Answer: No the question is asinine.
    Leave our guns alone.
    Lock up the criminals — don’t melt down a beautiful piece of art just because yoou don’t like what it represents.
    Tack weld a dummy bullet in the chamber: still have the beauty but it is ‘castrated’ and no longer shoots.

  • Blutarsky

    Paul, you are an idiot.