Plaxico Burress has his drivers license suspended

plaxico burressAccording to TMZ,  Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver Plaxico Burress had his drivers license suspended after failing to pay a six-figure judgement to a car crash victim.

Here’s why … as TMZ previously reported, a woman named Alise Smith sued Plaxico, claiming he caused a car crash that injured her.  She won, and he was ordered to pay $125,000 in damages.

According to Alise, Plax never paid (he tried appealing) … so her lawyer, James Dunn, fired off a letter to the FL DMV requesting that his license be suspended — yeah they can do that — and the DMV made it happen. To get it back Plax must pay the judgment OR challenge the DMV’s actions.

This is unfortunate for Burress since he just signed a one-year deal with the Steelers.  He better get things worked out before its time for him to report to their offseason work out program.

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  1. Mike in Georgia says

    Don’t understand why these idiots (what else are you gonna call them for their stupid actions or non-actions as in this case?) who make all this money can’t pay their bills or obligations when hiring an accountant to do so is so easy and relatively inexpensive….are you so arrogant and//or stupid that you think it’s just going to go away?….The NFL should simply place a hold on his paycheck until this is paid…and why didn’t he have car insurance?…give me a break but don’t you guys have a clue at all?

  2. Anonymous says

    I agree totally with your comment,I guess with this entiltlement type generation now at the forefront they need to have everything done for them so just have the Steelers withhold the Getus and send it to her,Kind of like child suppoat!Damn this makes you question the Steelers decision making abilities with players and their personalities because I think in alot of cases it translates into their on the field behavior sooner or later!Smacks of desperation to me!

  3. Steelchip says

    Plax is a POS and always has been. If you go back and look at his actions from the time he was drafted, you will see a pattern of disrespect and disregard for the law. Why he’s back in the ‘Burgh is beyond me.

  4. says

    $125,000 isn’t a lot for someone who has collision and liability coverage as part of their auto insurance policy. Why would any NFL player not have full coverage…especially when most of them drive luxury or exotic vehicles? Oh, I know the reason…stupidity.

  5. Anonymous says

    Starts with the head coach! Ever since Cowher left the actions of the players has gone in the toilet!

  6. Anonymous says

    Look at the results for the head coach since Cowher left:
    1. Superbowls dont count as he inherited a superbowl caliber team from Cowher
    2. 8-8 under his leadership; lack of discipline, off field issues
    3. no real quality draft picks
    4. Higher than normal free agency

  7. StillaFan says

    1. Really? Try not counting superbowls for all teams changing coaches within 5 years
    2. 8-8 was only this past year…12-5 for the last few seasons.
    3. didn’t need any quality draft picks, been one of the few teams that treats players like family. Have (had) a great core team that has stuck around, even after they weren’t being used…to help the incoming players realize what was going on.
    4. Free agency happens. it’s back to the “core” comment in #3. Our big players like to stay where they are at…theyve been in the ‘burgh for years and WANT to sty

  8. Anonymous says

    I agree with StillaFan, but would like to add what was Cowher’s record his last year with his core players??? How long did it take Cohwer to win a Superbowl??? I am a Huge Huge Steeler Fan and the Rooneys made a smart decision hiring Tomlin to date this is the first time he’s finished below 500,can’t say the same for Cowher. Just stating facts,no disrespect for Cowher,loved him also as a coach. Lets be fair and opened minded 1. The GM(Colbert)is responsible as well probably more than the coach for draft picks..never once is he mentioned with regard to recent picks or given credit for successful picks.2 Tomlin won the SB with one of the hardest schedules ever by a SB Team!!!!!3.This one is so obvious…nothing bad to say when he’s winning.4.F/A as StillaFan stated it happens we like to sign our players first,in Steelers fashion we build through the draft is apparently works will Six SB rings and counting. A true Steeler’s fan trust the orginazation and 2013 will be a great year for STEELER NATION!!!!!

  9. eightysixisback says

    i have to agree. the superbowl counts, i love when people say it doesnt count because he inherited the team. Ok so to the commenter above who says it doesnt count could you have coached that team to the superbowl? It sounds like you are saying that anyone could have been the headcoach and won the superbowl with the steelers that year. I don’t think so. He had to make the right moves to get them there. it certainly didn’t hurt that they already had a talented roster but philly had the “dream team” two years ago, look how that worked out. Tomlin is a good coach. We as steelers fans are spoiled because they are in the mix ALMOST every season. Are you forgetting that Cowher had some 8 – 8 seasons also? Also cowher coached a long time before he won a superbowl. The guy was a good coach and i always liked him but there were plenty of people complaining about him when the steelers had a bad year too. Now those same people act like he was the best coach ever. They aren’t going to make the playoffs every single year. Like last year there are going to be injuries and bad breaks sometimes. Its funny how the sky is always falling after one bad season. One 8 – 8 season and suddenly everyone forgets how lucky we are to be fans of a team that is competitive almost every year.

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