Plaxico Burress doesn’t know why he’s still a free agent

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Free agent wide receiver Plaxico Burress was  confident this offseason that he’d be signed by now.  He told ESPN’s Adam Schefter via that he would get some offers once free agency opened up.

“No doubt about it,” Burress said. “With some of the things I was able to do after being away for two years, I pretty much thought it spoke for itself. But I guess obviously not.”

Burress doesn’t know why any team wouldn’t want to sign him.  He claims he was a good teammate with the Jets last season.

“For anybody to say I was a problem in the locker room or anything like that is totally a lie,” Burress said. “All I did was come out, was a great teammate, tried to play the best football that I could play.”

“Some things you don’t have an answer to, but to me it’s just a matter of keep working hard, keep training, and keep building myself up to get back to the player I know I can be,” Burress said.

The only reason I can think of why teams aren’t interested in Burress is his age.  But he was pretty productive last season for just getting out jail.

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