Pierre Garcon trying to avoid surgery

Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon is hoping to avoid undergoing surgery on his foot this offseason after tearing a ligament in the second toe on his right foot.

Garcon said the pain hasn’t subsided, but that he has learned to play with the pain. Asked what his offseason would likely entail, Garcon said, “See a couple doctors, get a couple opinions and see what’s the best route to go about for getting it healed up to 100 percent.”

He bristled at the notion of surgery, however.

“That’s the LAST thing,” Garcon exclaimed. “Hopefully surgery is not an option, but if I get enough doctors to say I need surgery, then surgery it is. But, if I can limp around for seven more years, I’ll probably limp around for seven more years and be all right.”

Garcon was very impressive this season when he decided to come back and play through the pain.  He really made an impact.  Let’s hope he can get back to being 100 percent healthy for next season.


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