Photo of Aaron Hernandez smirking at his indictment

aaron hernandez

Check out this photo from Terez Owens of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez smirking during today’s indictment.  Pretty creepy.



  1. says

    He’s probably smirking cuz his big-mouth lawyer has blown smoke up his axx (backside) telling him how he’s going to get off all the charges, we can beat these guys, yada yada yada.
    Don’t trust a lawyer–when Hernandez’ money is gone…..his attorney is going to ask to be replaced over a …..conflict.

    The police aren’t finished: They are STILL looking over that double murder in Boston.
    So theoretically Hernandez could beat the current charges but lose on the second (upcoming) indictment.

    Like good ol’ O.J. Simpson; Beat the murder rap—lost in civil court. The does ANOTHER dumb-axe thing in Nevada and ends up with what amounts to life in prison.
    Oh…..boy……. what is with these ego-maniacs??

  2. Anonymous says

    He and OJ should be serving time in the same cell… both great talents – both are a worthless POS!

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