Photo of Aaron Hernandez smirking at his indictment

aaron hernandez

Check out this photo from Terez Owens of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez smirking during today’s indictment.  Pretty creepy.


  • Daniel Stillmunks

    He’s probably smirking cuz his big-mouth lawyer has blown smoke up his axx (backside) telling him how he’s going to get off all the charges, we can beat these guys, yada yada yada.
    Don’t trust a lawyer–when Hernandez’ money is gone…..his attorney is going to ask to be replaced over a …..conflict.

    The police aren’t finished: They are STILL looking over that double murder in Boston.
    So theoretically Hernandez could beat the current charges but lose on the second (upcoming) indictment.

    Like good ol’ O.J. Simpson; Beat the murder rap—lost in civil court. The does ANOTHER dumb-axe thing in Nevada and ends up with what amounts to life in prison.
    Oh…..boy……. what is with these ego-maniacs??

  • Anonymous

    He and OJ should be serving time in the same cell… both great talents – both are a worthless POS!