Peyton Manning’s Papa Johns store was robbed during Sunday Night Football

According to TMZ,   one of Peyton Manning’s Papa Johns was robbed last night while he was going to work against the Chiefs defense.

Police tell us the caper went down around 7:30 PM — right in the middle of Peyton and the Broncos’ big game — at the PJ’s near the University of Denver.

We’re told two masked suspects with guns walked in to the store and demanded employees hand over the money from the register … got the loot, and then made a clean getaway.

No one was injured during the robbery, and it’s unclear at this point how much cash the crooks got.

Police believe the suspects are guys in their 20s — and say their description matches several other robberies in the area last night.

I’m sure Manning will be fine,  he does own 21 Papa Johns’ in Colorado.