Peyton Manning staying at Mike Shanahan’s old house

Mike Shanahan's home during construction

According to Eddie Pells of the Associated Press, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is currently living at former Broncos and current Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan’s old house.

Shanahan built the home in 2009 just before he was fired by the Broncos.  He and his wife don’t intend on selling it, so while they don’t live their right now,  they decided to allow Manning to stay there until he can find a permanent home in the Denver area.

Shanahan’s house sits in one of the fanciest neighborhoods in the Denver area.  It’s a 35,000 square foot home, that includes an elevator, a bowling alley and a 3,603-square-foot garage.  I’m sure Manning’s temporary digs won’t lack any comfort.

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