Peyton Manning says the Broncos have been studying how the Patriots used Wes Welker

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning told that they’ve been studying how the Patriots used Wes Welker during his time in New England.

“I’d be lying if I told you we have not studied what worked well for Wes in New England,” Manning said. “There’s certain pass patterns and certain things that he’s done so well for so long, you’d be crazy not to copy some of those and bring those to your offense.”

Welker has enjoyed working with Manning so far.

“It’s everything you thought,” he said of working with Manning. “The balls are just so accurate and you come out of your break and the ball is just there. It’s almost like a long handoff sometimes. He definitely makes it easy on you.”

Welker is taking hold of the pressure to win right away in Denver.

“I know in Denver we have high expectations and people have high expectations for us,” Welker said. “It’s a good spot you want to be in.”

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