Peyton Manning has no response for Jim Irsay

On Wednesday,  Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning declined to comment on Jim Irsay’s comments that essence arguably ripped the former Colts quarterback.

“I don’t have any answer for you on that or any comment on any of that,” Manning told reporters via

Good for Peyton for taking the high road,  unlike Broncos head coach John Fox you told reporters on Tuesday that Irsay’s comments were a cheap shot at his quarterback.

Irsay can claim all he wants that his words were taken out of context, but I’m not buying into it.



  1. Jamie says

    WOW! It’s disheartening to hear Jim Irsay speak this way regarding his ex so called family member. I would hate to be part of his family and can just kick you to the curb when you are down and out. Good for Peyton, Irsay’s comments don’t deserve a response, Peyton is better person for it.

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