Peyton Manning has been busy this offseason

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has been very busy this offseason and the good news is that it doesn’t involve rehabbing an injury like he did last year.

Yahoo! Sports’ Shutdown Corner has a list of everything Manning has done.

• Played Augusta National, home of The Masters, and shot a 77.

• Threw passes inside a military plane 30,000 feet above Pakistan.

• Stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf as fighter jets took off all around him.

• Watched batting practice at a Yankees-Rockies game.

• Knocked down a hole-in-one at a Colorado golf course.

• Dropped in unannounced at Denver-area schools.

Good for Manning.  Best of luck to him and the Broncos in 2013

Photo from Yahoo! Sports
Photo from Yahoo! Sports



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    Yep, Peyton is just a stand-up kinda guy. Maybe he can give Tim Tebow a phone call and say, “Hey man, I’m sorry John Elway and I screwed you out of starting QB position after taking this team to the playoffs.” “Good luck finding another NFL team since you ‘can’t throw the ball, LOL”
    Yours truly, Peyton Manning

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