Peyton Manning happy with his iPad playbook

So far Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning loves his new iPad playbook.

“Peyton loves it,” Broncos video director Steve Boxer said, per FOX Sports. “He was one of the first guys I dropped video into an iPad for.”

The Broncos haven’t made it mandatory to use the iPad as their playbook, but roughly 90 percent of the roster has made the switch, according to Boxer.

The Broncos transferred their 500 pages playbook as well as their DVD’s, into a single app on 130 iPads with 64 gigabytes of data.  The app includes three main functions–game film, playbook and notifications.

“It’s easier for the video guys to send it to all the different players, and it’s a great way to study for these guys,” Manning told reporters, per FOX Sports. “There’s no excuse not to have the playbook and the game film to study.”

“We’ve addressed that, and I think our players do a great job with social media,” Broncos coach John Fox said. “You’re not going to go through a whole season unscathed, and the world has gotten a lot smaller, but, overall, I think our guys do a great job.”

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