Peyton Manning admits the hardest thing about leaving Indianapolis was dealing with change

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning told Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports that the hardest thing about leaving Indianapolis was dealing with change.

“I think the hardest part was when you’re so ingrained in one place, embedded in the city and in the community, and all of a sudden it changes,” Manning said. “[Some of] these players that change teams and coaches a lot, I mean, they kind of get used to it.  It’s probably not what you want to do as a player, but you kinda know how to do it.”

Signing with the Broncos last season meant that Manning would have to learn his fourth offense since high school.

“It’s not only just one uniform and one city; it’s one offense. Up until that point, I’d played in three offenses — one in high school, one in college, one in the NFL,” Manning said.  “I think Alex Smith has played in [seven NFL] offenses, which is not what he wants — I know he’s said that before — but you probably learn a little bit how to [adapt].  Unlearning an offense is very difficult.”

Manning admitted he felt “like a rookie in some ways” last season.

He’s obviously more comfortable going into his second season in Denver.

“This year, I have more of an idea of what to go off of,” Manning said.  “I can say, ‘Boy, this is better than last year,’ or, ‘Hey, I know I can do this better ’cause I did it last year [when it was harder].’  I did play at a high level last year, and we really had a chance to win the whole thing, but there were obstacles.  I certainly feel like I should be better this year.”