Peyton Manning admits he still has some lingering nerve problems

peyton manning 3


Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning admits that he still has some lingering health issues after multiple neck procedures.

“You know, I still have certain challenges,” said Manning, WATE-TV aired, via “When you’re dealing with nerves I’ve learned it’s a patience deal. They kind of say it could be a year or two, or it may never come back, so I’m kind of hopeful. I kind of wish certain things would come back a little bit more, but I have learned to adjust and compensate in the state that I am. I still would like to make some more improvement. I still work at it.

“Obviously, I still can perform kind of status quo, but I still have hopes and (am) determined to try to seek some more improvement. But, yeah, I’m certainly better than I was last year. But I’m still not quite where I was before I was injured.”

I would be more surprised if Manning said he is perfectly healthy.  The good news for the Broncos is that he had a stellar season in 2012.


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