Peter King believes Percy Harvin will play through hip injury

percy harvin

Peter King of made it clear in his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback Column that he believes Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin will play this season with a partially torn hip labrum.

 Harvin flies to New York to be examined by a hip specialist on Tuesday after feeling some restrictions while running last week. He got nervous about it, saw the usually conservative Seahawks doctors (who believe the injury isn’t season-threatening) and decided to exercise his right to have a second opinion. Last year, Seattle safety Kam Chancellor played a full season after getting a cortisone shot and some rest for a similar injury, a torn labrum in his hip. That leads the Seahawks to think they’ll escape a season-ending injury for Harvin. I’ve got a little different opinion on this than most. Harvin had trust issues with authority in Minnesota dating back to a poor relationship with head coach Brad Childress. So now the Seahawks can establish that they’re going to be different—they’re going to give their blessing on getting the second opinion, and they’re going to tell Harvin, We want you to have peace of mind about your hip. Opening day is 41 days away, and aside from the fact that Russell Wilson and Harvin need to be building familiarity, there’s not a major issue with a guy who has a history of missing time (10 games in four seasons) getting as healthy as he can in the preseason and feeling confident in his body when September comes. As one Seattle source said to me, “Percy’s a confidence player—he needs to feel good about his condition and himself. This time should give him the best chance to feel right entering the season.” That is, unless a doctor in New York tells Harvin he needs surgery this week. My money’s on rest and treatment—and Harvin to be ready on opening day.

The feeling that I get is that Harvin wants to find out what kind of risks are involved with him playing with a partially torn hip labrum.  He also has to decide if he’s willing to play with the discomfort that comes from the injury.


  • Woody

    For 67 million, give him a shot of something, and tell him to get his butt out on the field.

  • Scott Marrs

    The Seahawks are building for the long-term; Percy Harvin is a key part of that future. If playing with the injury will risk Harvin’s health/performance in the long run then surgery is the way to go. That will be the determining factor today.