Peter King: Very little doubt RG3 will be ready for week one

Peter King of believes that there isn’t much doubt that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III will be ready for week one of the regular season.

Barring a setback, there’s little doubt Robert Griffin III plays the opener. Griffin had major knee surgery 21 weeks ago. Washington’s opener is 13 weeks from tonight. After watching him run sprints around the practice field Thursday, I agree with what Griffin said post-practice: “Without a doubt” he thinks he’ll be practicing with the team when it begins training camp in Richmond in late July … and, of course, that he’ll be ready to go Sept. 9 against the Eagles. Here’s what Griffin did Thursday: He sprinted without a limp the 53-yard width of the end zone. Then, at nearly full speed, he planted his twice-surgically repaired right knee and pivoted left, up the sideline of the practice field. It wasn’t the planting and cutting he’ll have to do in games, of course. But it’s close. I get zero sense that the team thinks he won’t be ready to play Sept. 9.

My hope is that the Redskins and Griffin don’t rush him back onto the field.  He can’t afford to injure his knee again.

  • Anonymous

    With all the drama in Dallas, you have to make up a story about RG3? Get a life!!