Peter King isn’t very fond of Cam Newton


I get the feeling that Peter King of isn’t very fond of Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and it probably dates back to the tweet below.

During Sunday’s game between the Panthers and Saints,  King started bashing Newton on Twitter for not having a great game.

I guess King forgot that the Saints have a very good defense and Drew Brees didn’t look much better.  The Saints offense only put up 13 points.

This next tweet was great.  King posted this after Newton drove the Panthers offense down the field for a game-winning touchdown.

Ah,  I wouldn’t call that a season-saver.  The Panthers had 10 wins going into Sunday.  They now have 11.   They were likely playoff bound no matter what.


  • John Smith

    Peter King is a joke anyway. Anyoe isting to anything he has to say has to be terribly bored or naive.

    • Anonymous

      he is surly full of shit