Peter King: Browns want a quarterback in this draft

According to the, Peter King of believes the Cleveland Browns will take a quarterback in this week’s draft.

Peter King, like a handful of the national power media people, walks the line between prying information from calls that always get returned, and getting played.

He has talked to a few key someones who informed his mock draft, which is in the Sports Illustrated beside my coffee.

He has the Chargers trading from 11 to 6 to take a left tackle.

He has Geno Smith falling to the Browns at 11. His comment: “Don’t let the smokescreen acquisition of Jason Campbell, a backup, fool you. Browns want a QB in this draft, and they get one.”

I think there’s a really good chance the Browns will get a quarterback in the second round.




  1. Udamanlroy says

    I think you are on the mark , they are weaker at QB now than they were since letting McCoy go. They may trade down farther to get a couple second round picks and go for Barkley or one of the others as well .

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