Pete Prisco shows off his Tebow impression to Jaguars fans (Video)

CBS Sports columnist Pete Prisco is know as a very anti-Tim Tebow guys.  He ended up visiting the Jaguars stadium during the  “Sign Tim Tebow Rally” and got into it with some Jaguars fans.  He then showed off his best Tebow impression.

Check out the fan with a Jaguars Tebow jersey.

[ Deadspin ]




  1. says

    I’m sorry…..Pete who? I am 63 y/o and have watched sports (mostly football) my entire life. I’d like to see Tebow play again as a running QB.
    Pete (who) …Prisco making trouble for the Jacksonville fanss…what kind of ‘sports writer’ does that? Gets in the face of a losing francise?
    The REASON nobody showed up for the rallye is
    #1: Was Tebow invited? Did Tim Tebow even know that some of the fans were having a rallye.
    #2: If Tim knew that does NOT mean his calendar was open for him to attend.
    Oh, that’s rightt Pete who Prisco: Go blow it out your axe.
    Never heard of ya.

    But Mark “sackchez” Sanchez is here with me right now. Mark say a few words to CBS’ Pete (WHO) Pricksco.

    Mark: B____

    ____URP !!!!

  2. spf3000 says

    Yeah, the Jags are 0-3 and averaging 9 points a game, they’re too good to add a winning QB! Oh, Petey, so intellectually challenged and lacking in social grace…keep at it, round-guy!

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