Pete Carroll was tempted to run up the score on the 49ers

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll told the NFL Network that many of his players, including cornerback Richard Sherman, wanted to run up the score on the 49ers this past Sunday night and put up at least 50 points.

Carroll said Sherman was pleading with him.

“He wasn’t the only one,” Carroll said.

All the Seahawks needed to do was score another touchdown and go for a two-point conversion.

“Guys were kidding about it,” said Carroll. “We were just going to finish the game, it had nothing to do with that. But some guys were asking the question whether or not we would go for two if we scored again.”

I’m sure it was really tempting for Carroll to score as many points against the 49ers and head coach Jim Harbaugh because of the time in which Harbaugh attempted a two-point conversion when he was the head coach of Stanford and his team played Carroll and the USC Trojans when both men were college coaches.



  • Brendon Kuhn (@brendonkuhn)

    This is a little misrepresenting. Carroll specifically told Sherman, “we are classier than that.” Wasn’t planning on doing it himself, even though players said it to him.