Pete Carroll: I would have stayed at USC if I had known about the sanctions

pete carrollSeahawks head coach Pete Carroll claims he would have never have left USC if he had known the NCAA was going to slap them with the sanctions they laid on them five years ago.

“The truth was, an opportunity came up and it was one I couldn’t turn away from,” he said, via the LA Times. “… The NCAA came back at the university… ‘Now we’re going to revisit after five years.’ I had no knowledge that was coming. We thought maybe it wasn’t coming because they didn’t have anything to get us with. It wasn’t five days, it wasn’t five weeks. It was five years.

“Had we known that that was imminent … I would never have been able to leave under those circumstances. When I look back now, I would have stayed there to do what we needed to do to resolve the problem.”

Carroll claims he never knew the sanctions were coming even though people claim he jumped to the NFL and left USC because he knew.

“The university didn’t know,” Carroll added. “We didn’t know.”

Five years ago,  I wouldnt have believed Carroll.  But seeing how the NCAA manages things,  I tend to believe him now.


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